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90265 Magazine

For decades, the iconic coastal town of Malibu, CA. has been known for its celebrity residents and southern California surf culture. Founder Cece Woods created 90265 Magazine to fill the void missing by other local and global publications and as an additional platform to market clients who brand or product enhanced the Malibu lifestyle. 90265 Magazine celebrates the diverse personalities in Malibu that often get overlooked and bypassed by traditional media such as the artists, farmers, philanthropists and activists that also that make this town so special.



The Local Malibu

As media progressed to mostly digital with highly visual content, especially in the news realm, seaside communities like Malibu still retained the need for a regular newsprint publication, but one that reflected the colorful community. Heavily invested in Malibu, founder Cece Woods team created The Local Malibu, a magazine style, premium newsprint publication focusing on the pertinent news stories that define this high profile area.